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Hear how these seniors describe the care they’re receiving.

Click the videos to hear several seniors share their experiences finding and receiving the care they need.

Discover Leeza’s passion for seniors and their families.

Learn more below about Leeza’s story and why she has chosen to partner with Senior Helpers®.

My Mother’s Inspiration

Leeza’s quest to help families understand and choose the best senior care options started with Leeza’s mother. Leeza cared for her mother for years along with her family members as her mother lived and ultimately died with Alzheimer’s disease. She knows that caring for someone who is living with physical and cognitive challenges can be emotionally exhausting, and that one does not always know what options are available and which are the best. This is why Leeza came to trust Senior Helpers® and their team professionally trained caregivers.

Why I Want to Help

Leeza has spent over 10 years building non-profits and partnering with companies that help families receive the assistance their loved ones need to remain in their homes. From her launch of the non-profit Leeza’s Place to the establishment of Leeza’s Care Connection, Leeza has focused on helping families know how to make the best decisions for their seniors. Now Leeza is partnering with Senior Helpers® to help make sure every family knows where to find the best care for them. See what she learned by requesting the FREE Navigating Senior Home Care with Leeza Gibbons Guide.

Why I Trust Senior Helpers®

Leeza trusts Senior Helpers® because they are locally owned and operated by professionals who partner with Senior Helpers to acquire the system, methodologies, and expertise to provide care that aging loved ones need to remain living happily in their homes. Each Senior Helpers location offers not only personal assistance, companionship care, errands, and light housekeeping, but also mobility assistance, meal and nutrition assistance, and certified Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s care that helps loved ones remain engaged where they can and safeguarded where they cannot.


Learn how Senior Helpers® can help your loved one age at home.

Senior Helpers® and their professional caregivers can help your aging loved one remain living independently at home.

In-home Care & Mobility Assistance

Senior Helpers’ professional caregivers can help your senior loved one around the house and around town, making sure he or she can get where they need safely.

Meal Preparation & Eating Assistance

Quality care begins with making sure seniors get enough to eat of the right kinds of food. Count on Senior Helpers to assist with both meal preparation and balanced nutrition.

Medication Reminders & Transitional Care

Nearly 20 percent of seniors who leave the hospital after a surgery, illness, or procedure is re-admitted due to a complication. The right care during transition makes all the difference.

Activity Planning & Companionship Care

Senior Helpers does more than just keep a watchful eye. Their trained caregivers will spend quality, meaningful time with the senior in your life that will makes the Senior Helpers caregiver more like family.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Every 60 seconds another senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Senior Helpers’ Senior Gems program helps your senior do what they can despite cognitive challenges.

Help Your Loved One Today

Learn how you can help your senior loved one by downloading the FREE Leeza Care Guide. It will help you assess what level of care your loved one needs and what you should do next.

The Need for Competent Caregivers Has Never Been Greater.

As America’s population gets older, the burden on families to find professional caregivers grows as well. Senior Helpers® can help.

An Aging Population

The United States is getting older. In fact, the number of people over the age of 85 is expected to triple between today and the year 2040. This means 15 million Americans will likely need to care for and assist a senior for him or her to continue living independently at home. Right now, more than 10 million family members find themselves in a caregiver role with a parent or other loved one, and this number is expected to grow. In fact, as family members age, the burden of caregiving, measured by the number of hours per week dedicated to caregiving, increases 34 percent to 30 hours per week. This overwhelming burden is causing Americans all over the country to seek outside care options.

Aging America

% of Americans over age of 65 by 20500

% over age 65 who are 85 years old or older0

% U.S. adult population who need to be caregivers0


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